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Here at Fabricon we pride ourselves in using actual user comments and feedback from customers and staff to guide the development of future products. In our design studio we take these comments and using state-of-the-art draughting and 3D modelling software we produce solutions to everyday human challenges.

Here at Fabricon we employ a methodology called User Centred Design in the design and development of our products. In basic terms it means we constantly focus on our customers at every stage of our development process from feedback to rigorous testing of our products. The process consists of 5 stages:

1. Research:
Learning about the people who use or are going to use your product, and the context in which they'll use it. We do this by using a disciplined method of collecting ongoing feedback on our products from actual customers. We pride ourselves in establishing ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and find this is the best way to ensure our products continually evolve to match changing needs.

2. Concept:
Examining the needs of your users and of your business, and coming up with innovative solutions to address those needs. During this stage we will work in the design studio and typically produce rapid prototypes to address the challenge in hand.

3. Iterative design:
Designing and testing of products and component ideas. In our studio we are experts in building bespoke testing installations that mimic the exact rigours of real product enivronments. We will test our components to the limits of their tolerances to ensure our solutions exceed all expectations in terms of reliability and other environmental factors. The results of each testing cycle then feeds into and refines the next, ensuring that the final product is as finely tuned as possible.

4. Implementation:
This is the final stage of product development where we typically perform rigorous final testing of our proposed solution prior to a full production run.

5. Launch:
The roll-out is managed to ensure customers experience a smooth transition from an existing legacy product if applicable. Once the product is out, it's important to gather feedback and metrics. This includes further feedback from customers and other metrics.

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